10 Years

I really wanted to do a post marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks today, but I couldn’t figure out what to say to make it relevant to a food blog. No recipe I could think of would do it justice. No cooking story of my own mattered enough to share today.

But, still, letting it pass without acknowledgement seemed to be ignoring the fact that so many people lost their lives that day – and that nearly everyone else’s lives changed as a result.

When I was running errands during my lunch hour Friday, I caught this segment on The  Leonard Lopate Show. It’s a really great conversation about how restaurants in lower Manhattan were impacted – and how the restaurant community responded to help.

It’s a reminder of how many heroes came out of that day – not just first responders, but so many people who stepped up in the wake of such awful events. If you have a half hour, it’s worth the listen.

I hope you’ll keep all of those affected by the events in your thoughts today. I know I will be.

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