Vegetable Lo Mein

Today is Good Friday and the last post in the meatless Friday posts for Lent. It also means that after today, we’ll be going back to our Friday night dinners out. Mark and I eat out nearly every Friday. It’s a nice break at the end of the week but it’s not something we do during Lent because neither of us are fans of fish so we end up struggling to pick dishes we want at restaurants.

In the spirit of trying to lessen the it’s-Friday-and-we’re-not-going-out blow, I decided to try my hand at this vegetable lo mein. It’s something we always get when we order Chinese, so I knew it would be a hit. It was also made easier by the fact that our Wegmans is now selling fresh, pre-cut veggie mixes:

I picked up this pack for our lo mein – it was a mix of peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, corn, snow peas and mushrooms. You could use any veggies that appeal to you.

Vegetable Lo Mein
(slightly adapted from Whole Foods)
Serves 4 as a main dish, 8 as a side

3/4 lb. whole wheat spaghetti
Sesame oil (start with a small amount)
1/4 c. hoisin sauce
2 T. soy sauce
2 T. oil
2 T. minced fresh ginger
3 cloves minced garlic
3-4 c. vegetables

Cook the spaghetti according to package directions until al dente. Cool. Toss lightly with sesame oil to prevent sticking.

Combine the hoisin and soy sauces in a small bowl and mix well.

In a wok or a large skillet heat 1 tablespoon canola oil and quickly saute the ginger and garlic until they release aroma, then add the remaining veggies and saute until slightly soft.

In a separate medium skillet, heat 1 tablespoon canola oil and sautee the noodles. When they are hot and look pan-fried or lightly browned, add them to the other sauteed ingredients in the large pan. Add the soy-hoisin mixture and stir to coat.

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