Cute & Easy Minion Cupcakes

Seriously, how cute are these guys?!


I mean, the minions from Despicable Me are fantastic, but I’d argue that they’re even more adorable in cupcake form.

This isn’t so much a recipe as a decorating tip. I don’t remember where I originally saw this idea, but it’s so cute and easy – and since Twinkies are officially back, it seemed like the best time to share!

For the cupcakes and blue icing, I used a box mix and canned icing. I warmed the icing slightly to get it to pour over smoothly, but you could totally just slather it on.

The minion bodies are Twinkie halves. The eyes are white Smarties. I used black gel icing to attach the eyes to the bodies and to outline the Smarties. The mouths, hair, and goggle bands are black licorice rope – these are all held on by the black gel icing too.

It doesn’t matter if they’re perfect since all of the movie minions are different – the differences give them personality!

If you’re planning a Despicable Me themed party – or just want to make a special post-movie treat – these would be perfect.

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