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A few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for the Very Vegetarian Recipe Challenge hosted by OXO and Plated. Afterwards, I got quite a few emails with questions about Plated – What was it? Have I tried it? Would I recommend it? I figured the best way to answer these was with a review.

If you’re interested in trying it yourself, you can sign up via my affiliate link and get two free plates with your order.

Plated is a service that delivers fresh ingredients so that you can easily make gourmet meals at home. The website offers a new menu of seven dinners each week. You order a minimum of 4 plates (4 servings of one meal or 2 servings of 2 meals) and all the ingredients and recipes are shipped to your door. All of the recipes feature fresh ingredients and are designed to be prepared in about 30-40 minutes.

We ordered for delivery last week and chose two meals: Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Parsnips and Carrots and Tampiqueno Steak with Rajas, Corn and Mexican Squash.


Everything is shipped in a box with a thermal lining with several ice packs to keep everything nice and cool. Mine didn’t come until after I was home for work and things were still very cold.


Inside the package, the ingredients were all well-labeled and packaged by recipe. It made it really easy to toss everything into the fridge and not have to dig for it when I wanted to cook.


The first dish up was the Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Parsnips and Carrots. I made this after work one day and it was nice to not have to really do any thinking or prep – everything was there, pre-measured and ready to go. The instructions were clear and were accompanied by pictures which made it extra easy-to-follow.


There were a few things that I took a little bit of an issue with once I started cooking. For one, the pictures of the dish showed a pretty equal number of carrots and parsnips, but ingredients-wise, there were twice as many parsnips. It’s not the biggest deal as it didn’t really change the dish any but I love carrots so I was a little bummed to not have more. I also felt that the cooking time they gave for the chicken was a little off. I followed their directions and when I pulled it out, the chicken was under-done and it had to go back in for about 10ish minutes (nearly double the 10-15 they recommended). The meal also included a salad of arugula, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, which I just wasn’t crazy about – too bitter for my taste.


Overall, though, it was a fine weeknight meal. We liked it and there were no leftovers.


The Tampiqueno Steak with Rajas, Corn and Mexican Squash was more of a hit for us. My husband cooked this one up over the weekend and it came out well. There were a few hiccups. The directions specified to halve the chayote and discard the seed, and there was a picture of this step. Our chayote had no seed. We’ve never cooked with chayote before so it threw us a bit. Also, as a personal opinion, I thought the onion was too small but we went with it. Also as a personal preference, we cooked the steak a little longer as it was really rare when the directions said to pull it off the heat.


We liked the end result a lot more than the chicken. The veggies were absolutely delicious and something I’d try to recreate (not sure how easy it’ll be to get chayote!) at home.

The big pro with Plated is the convenience. Even though I enjoy menu planning and grocery shopping, it was really nice to click a few buttons and know everything would show up on Tuesday without me having to think about it at all. It was a time saver, for sure. If you’re the kind of person that has good intentions of making dinner and then gets takeout instead of hitting up the grocery store on the way home, I think Plated would be a perfect solution.

It is a little expensive for regular use, though – four plates (the minimum order) is $48. That’s significantly more than what we normally spend on two at-home dinners. You also have some basic cooking knowledge to be able to adjust as needed. For the purposes of reviewing, I tried not to adjust too much, but in the future I’d be more likely to tweak as I go.

Would we order again? Yes. This is something I’d love to rely on for busy weeks. I’ll likely order in a few weeks so when we get back from vacation, I’ll have a few meals to get me through the week without having to make time to shop. It won’t be an all-the-time thing for us, but it’s definitely something that will find a place in my kitchen.

Disclosure: We purchased this box on our own for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. So we had the same meals! Agree about the chicken. It sucked actually because it took ours even LONGER to cook b/c the chicken breasts were two totally different sizes. Also WAY more parsnips than carrots. Arugula way too strong to eat by itself.

    The meat thing was delicious but they forgot to give us an onion! We luckily had a half of big one left from the other night but not cool, man!

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