Cranberry Pear Mocktail Mules

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You know what I realized this week? For the last five Thanksgivings, I’ve been nursing or pregnant (or both). Five. In a row.

Cranberry Pear Mock Mules

Suffice it to say things have swung in the opposite direction this year and it’s making me obsess over the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail. But, as a woman who has (very recently) been there, I know I want to have a mocktail on the menu too – not only for pregnant and/or nursing crowd but also for the designated drivers, kids, and people who would just rather not have the alcohol.

This Cranberry Pear Mocktail Mule is a non-alcoholic take on a Moscow Mule with a seasonal twist. I love the way the sweetness of the pear nectar plays off the tartness of the cranberries – and then you get the bite from the ginger beer at the end! Despite being a non-alcoholic, this drink feels celebratory!

Cranberry Pear Mock Mules 3

These gorgeous copper mugs are from Moscow Muled. All of their mugs are handmade (hand hammered!) and lined with high-grade nickle to prevent the copper from reacting with your drink. They’re truly works of art and perfect for your holiday drinks!

Cranberry Pear Mock Mule 4

Cranberry Pear Mocktail Mules
(a Kate’s Recipe Box original)
Serves 2

2/3 cup pear nectar
2/3 cup sparkling cranberry-apple juice
1 bottle ginger beer
Pear slices
Fresh cranberries

Fill the mugs halfway with ice. Stir together pear nectar and cranberry-apple juice. Divide between two mugs. Top off each with ginger beer. Garnish with pear slices and cranberries.

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