Confetti Pie

One thing I’ve passed on to my kids is my love of cookbooks. They already have their own little stash that they love flipping through – and they love to pick out their own things to make.

Confetti Pie 2

I try to always say yes when they want to make something out of their books. Of course this one I said yes to before looking at the recipe.

Confetti Pie is from the 1957 edition of Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cookbook – and some of the packaged ingredients simply aren’t make anymore – so we did some improvising.

The result is a very kid friendly project – with a very kid-friendly outcome.

Confetti Pie 1

Confetti Pie

Makes 1 – 8″ Pie

1 graham cracker crust
4 oz. package instant chocolate pudding mix
2 cups milk
8 oz. frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 cup colorful mini marshmallows + additional for topping

In a bowl, beat together the pudding mix and milk for two minutes. Put in the refrigerator to chill for 5 minutes.

Fold in the whipped topping and marshmallows. Transfer to the crust. Top with additional mini marshmallows.

Refrigerate or freeze for several hours before serving.

Confetti Pie


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