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We have three weeks left of school and I honestly couldn’t be more excited for this summer to start. Our last summer was crazy with the move, so I’m purposely leaving as much time wide open this summer as possible so we can all just play.

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Lazy backyard days capped off with dinner on the deck? That is totally my idea of a perfect summer.

We’re planning a lot of barbecues this summer to make up for our lack of them last year – so I’m super excited to dive into #BBQWeek and try out some recipes I’ve been eyeing for way too long!

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I’m kicking things off with an awesome, go-to recipe.

Baked beans are a summer staple but I rarely make them from scratch because they take a long time to make – unless, of course, you use your pressure cooker. With the Instant Pot, the beans take about an hour and half total – a stark difference from the hours it would take to bake them (not including the overnight soak time either, which is eliminated with this recipe!)

As always, from scratch runs circles around the canned version. Once you make these, it will be hard to go back!

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Instant Pot Baked Beans

Instant Pot Baked Beans

Serves 8-10 as a side

16 oz. dry navy beans
8 cups water
1 tsp. salt

8 slices bacon, chopped
1 yellow onion , finely chopped
1/2 green bell pepper,  finely chopped
2/3 cup barbecue sauce
1/2 cup ketchup
2 Tbsp. spicy brown mustard
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup water

In the Instant Pot, add beans, water and salt. Seal and set to manual cook time of 25 minutes under high pressure. Cook on manual (high pressure) for 25 minutes. Let the pressure release naturally for 15 minutes, then release remaining pressure.

Remove the lid and drain the beans in a colander. Rinse in cold water to stop the cooking. Set aside to let drain. Wipe our the Instant Pot.

Hit the saute button on the Instant Pot. Add the bacon and saute until it starts to brown, stirring often to prevent sticking. Stir in the onion and pepper and cook until the onion is soft. Turn off the Instant Pot.
Stir in the bbq sauce, ketchup, mustard, and vinegar. Stir well. Add in the brown sugar and water and stir again, until well combined. Stir in the beans.
Seal and set to manual cook time of 15 minutes under high pressure. Let the pressure release naturally for 15 minutes, then release remaining pressure.
Stir to combine and serve.

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  5. It’s not a bbq without the baked beans! I;m always happy to get a new instant pot recipe. Thanks

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