Crowd Cow Review: Simple, Sustainable Meat & Seafood

I received free product from Crowd Cow in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Do you know where your meat comes from? Where it’s raised? How it’s raised?

If the answer is “no, not really”, it’s ok – it’s exactly what I would have answered a few weeks ago.

We are a family who has had a farm share for years and knows all the local farm stands. But meat? That seemed really daunting. I couldn’t see myself going farm to farm tracking down what was on my grocery list. I didn’t see another option – until I learned about Crowd Cow.

What is Crowd Cow?

Crowd Cow is a website that lets you purchase meat that has been ethically and sustainably raised. You don’t have to find a chicken farm and a cattle ranch that align with your values – they’ve done the leg work for you.

Their site is a one-stop shop for ethically and sustainably raised meat. When you order, you know exactly which farm or ranch your food is coming from and can read about their story and practices. Everything is shipped to your door frozen so it’s easy to stock up for the month.

I was so impressed with the ease – and the quality.

A close up of a package of ground turkey. The packaging indicates it's from Ferndale Market.
Ground Turkey from Ferndale Market – probably the most flavorful turkey I’ve ever had!

What can you buy from Crowd Cow?

Just about anything you can get at the meat counter of the grocery store is available at Crowd Cow – and so much more.

We grabbed our usual basics, like chicken breast, ground beef, bacon, and kielbasa. We also grabbed some things that were new to us – spatchcock chickens (how have I never made chicken like this before?! It’s perfect for a weeknight!) and bison hot dogs.

But, there was much more: cuts of beef, sustainable seafood, lamb, duck & game meats. There are also full meals, desserts, and seasonings.

For me, it was a great mix of everyday essentials and things I would purchase for special occasions – and I appreciate having both kinds of options.

A close up of a hot dog in a bun.
Bison Hot Dogs from Blackwing Bison – the kids were thrilled with these!

Is Crowd Cow expensive?

This is definitely a case of, “you get what you pay for”.

To me, the added value of knowing where your food comes from and how it was raised makes a big difference. As a mom, I already have a million things to worry about – I don’t want what my kids are eating to be one of those things.

Does Crowd Cow require a membership?

No – but membership does give you discounts!

Membership is free and gives you a 5% discount on your recurring orders and free shipping on $99+. You choose how often your boxes ship and what’s in them – and you can change either at any time.

If membership isn’t your thing, you can also choose a one-time shopping option!

Are there any discounts for Crowd Cow?


New Members Get $100 of Free Meat plus Free Shipping from Crowd Cow!

Crowd Cow is offering a great introductory offer – a discount of $34 off your first order, and $33 off each of your second and thrid orders for a total of a $100 discount. This is a fantastic opportunity to try it out and see if this type of shopping works for your family!

Would you recommend Crowd Cow?

I absolutely would. The quality of the products we got were fantastic – very fresh and very flavorful. Sustainability is important to me, so the fact that Crowd Cow makes it so easy to make these choices is huge for me.

We will definitely be repeat customers – I’m already planning my next order!

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